2019 Visible Award Finalist


2018–20 Jane Lombard Prize for Art and Social Justice – one of the 5 finalists



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Lectures / Talks

“Global Voices: Conversations with the Jane Lombard Fellows”, If Art is Politics: Vera List Center Forum 2019 (26 October 2019). Participants: Emily Jacir, Annemarie Jacir, Hassan Muamer, Moderator: Kaelen Wilson Goldie. Hosted at The New School, New York.

2018 ‘Artists' Philanthropy and Social Responsibility’, Art Basel (June, 2018) Emily Jacir, Artist, Founding Director, Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research; Matteo Lucchetti, Exhibitions and Public Program Curator, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, and Artistic Co-Director, Visible Project, Utrecht; Zina Saro-Wiwa, Artist, New York

2018 “Jerusalem Lives,” Emily Jacir presentation. Columbia University Center for Palestine Studies, New York

2017 "Resistance”, Lecture by Emily Jacir, Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway

2017 “The Clock Tower at Jaffa Gate, Sheikh Suleiman Jacir, the Jerusalem Hebron Road, and other disappearances”; Lecture by Emily Jacir. Site/Border: The Fragility of Narration Clark Colloquium, Clark Institute, Williamstown, MA

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