Our project space in Bethlehem was generously donated by Yusuf Nasri Jacir. 

Open Society Foundation (OSF) supported operational and institutional development expenses for the sustainability of the organization.

Our solidarity and care online program was supported by: Monica Maurer, Rashed Aqrabawi, Coco Fusco, Mahdi Fleifel, Michael Rakowitz, Majdi El Omari, Isabella Hammad, Emily Jacir, Annemarie Jacir, Firas Mukarker, Rolando Hernandez, Vivien Sansour, Jumana Manna, Andrea de Siena, Ludovica Morleo, Vincenzo Gagliani, FabrizioPiepoli, Qais Assali, Jose Luis Benavides, and the Houston Arts Alliance.

Individual donations by Naeem Mohaiemen, Rasha Salti, and Doris Bitar helped keep our lights on.

We are grateful to all the artists and team members for their continuous support and solidarity with in-kind contributions towards our programs. We acknowledge their time, knowledge and work that has been invaluable to our community.
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