(un)building listenings, (un)listening buildings ii 

Led by Nicolás Jaar, featuring Emily Jacir, Firas Harb, Joudeh Facouseh, Lama Altakruri, Mahmoud Hafi, Majd Aburaya, Maram Nazzal, Motasem Siam, Rami Fararjeh, Ranin Faidi, Reem Khatib, Sajida Saraheen, Sama Abu Hamdieh, Samed Alhajajla, Yasmine Omari, Yazan Yaqoub
June 23, 2022, 18:00

The final performance of the second iteration of Nicolás Jaar’s (un)building listenings workshop. The workshop met twice a week from May-June, and focused on sound making and listening. The participants were given a copy of sound editing software Ableton Live and began learning how to use it. On June 23rd, they presented their creations at Dar Jacir.

Watch a short video from the crit session and the closing performance.

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