(un)building listenings 2

Nicolás Jaar
May – June 2022
Dar Jacir & Zoom

Nicolàs Jaar's (un)building listenings returned for a second iteration. This music and sound editing workshop was tailored purposefully to Palestinians who have little to no prior experience in music or sound editing and took place every week in person at Dar Jacir. Participants learnt how to make recordings, change their sound, and tell sonic stories by layering frequencies. The workshop provided the Ableton Live software to all the participants.

Since 2008, Nicolás Jaar has released music under various guises spanning shades of pop, ambient, noise, and club music. In 2013, he founded the eclectic Other People label. He’s a current member of the band Darkside. In 2019, he assembled the Shock Forest Group, a collective named after a forest built to be bombed. In 2018, Jaar transformed Dar Jacir’s food shack in Bethlehem, Palestine into a sound-studio where he’s held sound workshops and residencies. Recently, Nicolás has focused on teaching sound-editing to emerging musicians and non-musicians alike in institutions such as Museo de la Memoria (Chile), free.wav (India), and Alrowwad (Palestine). Nicolás is a Capricorn and once walked from Turin to Marseille.

Supported by Nicolás Jaar and Ableton Live.

Watch a short video from the crit session and the closing performances

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