You Don’t Know Who We Are

July 22, 2022, 16:00
/Si:n/ Festival

This video art programme invites exploration of power made inseparable from liberty and resistance. Keywords: Discrimination, production of ‘truths’, alienation systems, other ideologies, no single power, deprivation of liberty

Justus Lipsius, Miguel Rozas Balboa
2021 | 02:05 minutes | Chile

A projection divided into four monitors, where we observe the same journalist at different times of the day, impatiently waiting for his live entrance on television. We recognise in him his humanity, his fragility and insecurity, before delivering to us viewers, a "truth".

000109, Dasha Brian
2022 | 07:59 minutes | Poland

"000109" is an experimental shortfilm with references to the Orwell dystopia and a sarcastic video. The title of the project encrypts the date when in January 2009 Viktor Sheiman was appointed Assistant to the President of Belarus for "Special Assignments". Thus, we showed the life of one hero - a perfect citizen of Belarus, according to the former President Lukashenko, who unconditionally fulfills the orders of the President, even the most cruel and illegal. And we drew a parallel: they make slaves of the system out of Belarusians and take away their will to win.

There..., Rojin Shafiei
2021 | 07:00 minutes | Iran

There... refers to the current situation of Iran and what is happening to the people especially, the middle class.

The Keys of the Cadou House, Alessia Travaglini
2021 | 02:31 minutes | France

Where are the keys of my childhood?

Too Big Drawing, Genadzi Buto
2021 | 05:13 minutes | Belraus

The drawing extends beyond the paper outlining the real world

Uchronism, Daniel Locus
2021 | 06:19 minutes | Belgium

During the pandemic, demonstrating alone in your garden, playing with words, clichés, ideas

The Devil, Jean-Gabriel Periot
2012 | 07:51 minutes | France

Edited to the sound of a powerful and menacing song by the French band Boogers, we see images of African-Americans and their struggles in the 1950s and 1960s. Their political awakening takes shape in speeches and demonstrations, and they capitalize on their momentum. Freedom is up for grabs, and the metaphorical genie is out of the bottle. In the words of the Boogers singer, "If you look upon my face, you are watching now the devil." From this perspective, it's all about projection, with the white man interpreting what the black man wants and seeing his rebellion as a threat. 

Part of the seventh edition of the /si:n/ Festival 2022 exhibited across Palestine, organized by A. M. Qattan Foundation and Instants Video. The programme included video art film screenings, installations, and public performances, created by international, Arab, and Palestinian artists. The works revolve around solidarity, rebellion, equality, race, and borders to provoke a new understanding of the role of individuals and communities in creating a more just, equal, and peaceful world.

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