Where do you feel most at home?

Lama Altakruri
June 11, 2022, 17:00

"Where do you feel most at home?"
"In a hotel room", I answered.

The walls are silver-gray, the ceiling is low, and the bed is high.
This room is a gift box, a box that is also a dollhouse.
Inside it, I move.
I choose the side of the bed that’s farthest from the door,
I close my eyes, I have a short nightmare,
I open my eyes and close them again.

Lama Altakruri is an artist who is obsessed with spaces of professional hospitality where she chases the feeling of being teleported somewhere else. She is always looking for ways to access these spaces and exploring different psychological projections and memories that the space itself evokes.

Lama was an artist in residence at Dar Jacir as part of ‘Intimacy in the apocalyptic phase’, a series of residencies and a public program curated by Aline Khoury, Kasia Wlaszczyk and Reem Shadid, supported by AFAC.

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