Using a Gun as a Symbol

Isabella Hammad
May 14, 2020, 16:00  

Isabella Hammad shared with us her first reading from her short story entitled “Using a Gun as a Symbol” which she conceived of as a resident at Dar Jacir while working on her second novel.

Isabella Hammad was born in London and lives between the UK and the US. She was awarded the Plimpton Prize for Fiction in 2018 for her short story "Mr Can'aan" and a 2019 O. Henry Prize. Her novel "The Parisian" was published in English in 2019 and is being translated into fifteen languages. It has been awarded a Palestine Book Award and she was a 2019 National Book Foundation "5 under 35" Honoree. The novel is forthcoming in Arabic from Dar al-Tanweer in Cairo.

Isabella Hammad was a resident at Dar Jacir in the fall of 2019 where she worked on her new book. The premiere book launch in Palestine for her novel The Parisian took place at Dar Jacir on November 29, 2019.

This event was part of Dar Jacir's online program organized in response to the coronavirus emergency. Foregrounding solidarity and care our program focused on bringing together our family of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and dancers to lead programs and remain connected while we are physically separated.

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