Take Care of Yourself

Sundus Abdul Hadi
15 March through 12 April, 2021

Communities can create powerful shared narratives, which allow all of their members to look in the same direction, to share intentionality, and to experience the belongingness of coherence with other people.
- Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

As we enter a new era of struggle and change, how can we begin to build new narratives around care as it relates to self, our communities, and the world? As more of us are faced with challenges around mental health, trauma and systemic oppression, care can become a tool that can transform intergenerational pain into an opportunity to heal. What is the role of the artist, writer, and creative in this important work? How can we work towards meaningful, decolonial systemic change in our practices, industries, communities and at home? Join Iraqi-Canadian artist and writer Sundus Abdul Hadi as she leads a workshop of three sessions on the subject of care from a decolonial perspective, based on her book “Take Care of Your Self: The Art and Cultures of Care and Liberation.” Participants will be encouraged to locate, define and prioritize care in its many manifestations through intentionality, storytelling, and imagination.

Sundus Abdul Hadi is an artist and writer. Born to Iraqi parents, she was raised and educated in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, where she earned a BFA in Studio Arts and Art History and a MA in Media Studies. Sundus’ transmedia work is a sensitive reflection on trauma, struggle, and care. She is the author/illustrator of Shams, a children’s book about trauma, transformation and healing. Her book “Take Care of Your Self: The Art and Cultures of Care and Liberation” (Common Notions, Fall 2020) is about care, curation and community. She is the cofounder of We Are The Medium, an artist collective and culture point.Abdul Hadi’s work has been exhibited in Palestine, Canada, USA, France, UK and New Zealand. She has been a speaker at Nuqat Kuwait, SADA Iraq, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Telfair Museums, the Aga Khan Museum and multiple universities in Turtle Island (US/Canada).

Supported by Emily Jacir.

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