Situations: Art in the Contemporary World

Emily Jacir & Aline Khoury
February – March 2022

A workshop / seminar series exploring the experience of Dar Jacir for Art and Research as an artist-led hub in Bethlehem, Palestine. This short course explores how independent arts initiatives acquire and deploy the skills to survive during challenging economic, political and social circumstances.

The course was led by the directors of the Bethlehem-based Dar Jacir for Art & Research: a grass-roots, artist–run initiative founded in 2014. Dar Jacir is a multi-faceted project devoted to educational, cultural, and agricultural activities. It is a place in which the history and contemporary conditions of Bethlehem meet, and an experimental learning hub for the Bethlehem community and beyond.

The course was composed of three online seminars, held over the course of three weeks, followed by a later student-led session in which participants presented collaborative research arising from the experience of the seminars.

The course was part of the Creative Futures Academy, a partnership between The National College of Art and Design, University College Dublin, and the Institute of Art Design + Technology.

Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research
Al Khalil Road,Bethlehem, West Bank

T: +970 2 274 3257

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