Revolutionary Letter #7 

Paesaggio Umano
Andrea De Siena, Laura Esposito, Emily Jacir & Luca Rossi
16 – 19 September 

A select group of professional dancers and musicians who have previously attended dance and music workshops at Dar Jacir were invited to participate in this advanced workshop to create a dance and song. Prior to coming to the workshop, participants were asked to research topics related to land, farming, agriculture, memory and earth. The research was presented in the form of a movement, a gesture, a picture, a poem, a memory, the singing of a song, an interview, an elder from a village singing a song about the earth, farming or agriculture, playing a song, and much more. After sharing their research on the first day, from there we began building together our piece through dance and an original music score.

Andrea De Siena is one of the youngest and most popular tarantella dancers and choreographers. Founder of the Pizzica School of San Vito, he has been holding dance lessons throughout Europe for years; as a performer he dances in numerous festivals, collaborating with national and international artists. He is a dancer in the Italian Popular Orchestra of Maestro Ambrogio Sparagna.

Laura Esposito studied at the National Academy of Dance in Rome receiving a diploma in choreography and dance. She is currently in the two-year choreography program at the National Academy of Dance. As a dancer of both contemporary dance and traditional popular dances of Italy, she collaborates with various groups and centers for performances and shows. She also teaches choreography, contemporary dance and movement workshops at the Scarpette Rosse dance school in Campobasso. She recently presented her choreographic work “Ninna nà”in Pescara for the dance festival CORPOGRAFIE OFF.

Emily Jacir is an artist and educator. Based in the Mediterranean, the artist uses a wide range of media and methodologies including film, video, photography, sculpture, installation and performance to investigate personal and collective movement through geography and time. Her works unearth and lend form to histories that have been silenced, focusing mainly on exchange, translation, resistance, and movement. She has been working in the South of Italy (mainly the Salento but also in Basilicata and Sicily) for the last 20 years. She has been studying and dancing pizzica and other tarantelle since 2015. 

Luca Rossi is considered one of the most important exponents of the tammorra, the ancient frame drum of Southern Italy. He is the author of records, books and soundtracks. For years he has held concerts with his music in Italy and abroad. 

Part of Revolutionary Letter #7, curated by Emily Jacir, as part of Common Ground: an international festival on the politics of land and food, supported by the OSUN Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard College and the Fisher Center LAB. 

In cooperation with the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem.  

Watch the final creation and performance

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