PFM Panel | Creative Interruptions II: Insight on Different Uses of Archive

October 6, 2019. 12:40 – 14:15

Screening and panel discussion with Dr. Anandi Ramamurthy (Reader in Post-Colonial Cultures, Sheffield Hallam University), Mahasen Nasser-Eldin (Film Director) Yousef Nateel (Filmmaker) and Hussein Owda (Producer).

Film Showcase:
The Silent Protest: Jerusalem 1929 by Mahasen NasserEddin, Palestine, 2019 (20 min)
Eight Years Later by Salim Abu Jabal, Palestine, 2019 (25 min)
10 min extract from Gazagraph by Youssef Nateel, Palestine 2019.

Palestine Cinema Days is dedicated to celebrating world cinema and deepening the appreciation of film culture in Palestine. Palestine Film Meetings (PFM) has established itself as a vital part of the festival and as an unmissable annual event. During three days, local and international film industry professionals, up-and-coming and established alike, are invited to come together, connect, share experiences, and further develop their projects. PFM is designed as a forum where market-relevant topics are discussed, taking into account the shifting regional and global context of our industry as well as the challenges and specificities of the Palestinian context

Part of Palestine Cinema Days program organized by Filmlab:Palestine.

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