led by Emily Jacir, Andrea De Siena, Laura Esposito and Luca Rossi

In September 2022, a group of professional dancers and musicians who had previously attended workshops over the years at Dar Jacir created new work related to land, farming, agriculture and memory. Their research was presented in the form of a movement, a gesture, a picture, a poem, a memory, an interview and elders from a village singing a song about the earth. After sharing their research, they built together a new dance piece and an original music score. This work is dedicated to Moataz Zawahreh who was killed by Israeli snipers on October 13, 2015 while at a protest in front of Dar Jacir. Many in the workshop knew him and footage was shared of his body being carried through the terraces of Dar Jacir immediately after he was shot, in the hopes of getting him to a hospital in time.

لذكرى معتز زواهرة
In memoriam Moataz Zawahreh

curator |القيّمة
Emily Jacir | املي جاسر

choreographer | مصمم الرقصة
Andrea De Siena | أندريا دي سيينا

assistant choreographer |مصممة رقصات مساعدة
Laura Esposito | لورا ايسبيسيتو

music and music production: موسيقى وإنتاج موسيقي___
Luca Rossi | لوكا روسي
Firas Harb | فراس حرب

Shahd Awawdeh | شهد عواودة

Motasem Abo Shera | معتصم أبو شعيرة
Momen Alqrby | مؤمن القربي
Shahd Awawdeh | شهد عواودة
Andrea De Siena | أندريا دي سيينا
Laura Esposito | لورا ايسبيسيتو
Emily Jacir | املي جاسر
Rebecca Kaoud | ريبيكا قاعود
Tamara Odeh | تمارا عودة
Manar Raje | منار راجي

Photography | تصوير
Nurin Kaoud | نورين قاعود

Editor | مونتير
Baha’ Abu Shanab | بهاء أبو شنب

Curated by Emily Jacir as part of Common Ground: an international festival on the politics of land and food, supported by the OSUN Center for Human Rights and the Arts at Bard College and the Fisher Center LAB.

Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research
Al Khalil Road,Bethlehem, West Bank

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