Lu Sittaturu

Andrea De Siena, Ludovica Morleo, Fabrizio Peipoli, Vincenzo Gagliani
June 18, 2020, 16:00

A special performance of Lu Sittaturu ("the seat" in San Vitese) created by Andrea De Siena (dancer), Ludovica Morleo(dancer), Fabrizio Piepoli (singer), and Vincenzo Gagliani (tamburello) especially for Dar Jacir and all the dancers and musicians who are part of our “Incontro tra la pizzica e la dabka” collaboration.

We share the lyrics of this beautiful song sung in the San Vito language with you:

I will build up a seat
in front of your house
to look at you all night long
and the day after

Wait until you want
I don't care about
I won't go out from my home anymore
and I won't even stand at the door

I have nothing to give you,
I have a single heart
And if I give it to you
there won't be any left for me

Ah Ah Ah Devil, may she stumble!
with a thorn inside her foot
so she cannot walk

Three are the things you cannot forget of:
homeland, friendship and first love.

The most beautiful death for the octopus
is to be cooked with onions.
The jar of wine is the health for the man

Andrea, Ludovica, Vincenzo and Fabrizio were in residence in Dar Jacir in December of 2019 where they joined local dancers and musicians for a first encounter and research for a performance to take place in Bethlehem in 2020.

This performance was created especially for Dar Jacir's online programming being organized in response to the coronavirus emergency. Foregrounding solidarity and care our program focused on bringing together our family of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and dancers to lead programs and remain connected while we are physically separated.

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