Let Us Convene | مابعد الوليمة

Shuruq Harb, Haig Aivazian, Rana Nasser Eddin, Lori Kharpoutlian and Aline Khoury
November 29, 2021, 18:00

Shuruq Harb’s first major solo exhibition, Ghost at the Feast, came together through distance and opened in the summer 2021 at Beirut Art Center during a time of political and social turmoil in both Palestine and Lebanon.

In November, we convened online to revisit the exhibition, the process of its making, reflecting on its themes and forms in relation to our respective cities. We asked our audience to join us as we make sense of our current disorientations, shapeshifting across reality, dreams, ghosts and hallucinations.

As part of this event, The Jump and The White Elephant by Shuruq Harb were made available to watch online for 1 week. The conversation was held in Arabic.

Shuruq Harb is an artist, filmmaker and writer based in Ramallah. Her vastly interdisciplinary work emerges from a restless effort to create a portrait of her native Ramallah through its ephemeral inventories of ever-changing street signage, and popular imagery circulating between city facades, shop windows and virtual clouds. Faces and names of strangers, signifiers of another time and else place, other peoples’ stories and souvenirs… all have become her way of claiming her own memory and politics of location. Shuruq was an artist in residence at Dar Jacir, Bethlehem, in Spring 2021.

Beirut Art Center (BAC) is an art space based in Lebanon. In addition to being a platform for creative and intellectual output, BAC is examining the socio-political struggles with which the workings of the center intersect. In a prohibitive setting, we seek to enact pragmatic and manageable forms of engagement. Our goal is to become a space that is a living active organism for collective thought, creative output and mutual aid. We want to build interdisciplinary projects that use art as a conductor for community-building, political action and radical imagination.

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