Vivien Sansour
October 16, 2018  5 pm

"When I interviewed his mother a couple of days after he was shot, she said: "he was hungry and when we found his body he had a bag of chips in his pocket. he was coming home for lunch"

In an attempt to reclaim the space and our sense of home, Vivien Sansour has designed and planted an entire terrace at Dar Jacir with Mloukheyeh, one of Palestine's staple meals that represents comfort and warmth. In her upcoming workshop and public event, participants will harvest the mloukehey stems, take apart the leaves, and prepare a home cooked mloukheyeh stew in her Traveling Kitchen. Participants will share with each other their stories of home and what home means to them during this process. The workshop will be conducted on Vivien's landscape residency terrace, which was first cleared of glass and shrapnel in July, and then planted, and is now lavish with green stems that declare we are home.

Supported by the A. M. Qattan Foundation through the “Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field” project funded by Sweden.

Qi2018 Collateral Event

Photo: Awad Hamad

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