Firas Mukarker
Hosted by Emily Jacir
March - May, 2020

Firas Mukarker is a filmmaker from Beit Jala, born in Jerusalem 1984, and currentlybased between Palestine and Sweden. He began his career in photography in 2009,winning several local and international prizes for his still photography. In 2014 hemoved to Sweden where he shifted his focus towards filmmaking and movingimages. He went to film school in Gothenburg (2018) and studied fiction anddocumentary filmmaking. THE OTHER SIDE is his first short documentary film and itwon several prizes in Scandinavia. At Dar Jacir he worked on a documentary filmabout feminist movements in Palestine but due to the pandemic started working onanother film project - the inside story of the Angel hotel where the first coronaviruscases in Palestine took place. He filmed 40 days of exclusive material and footage atthe Angel Hotel during this period and has begun post-production.

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