Film Screening Nour's Gaza

Mariam Shahin
September 13, 2019. 17:00 – 19:00

Entirely set in Gaza, the film follows the journey of Nour Halaby, a photographer who documents some of the women of Gaza; the women behind the steadfastness that keeps Gazan’s going. These women include singer Haifa Farajallah, surgeon Muna Kiskin and legislature Itimad Al Tarshawi. As the blockade of the Gaza Strip continues into its second decade, and as impoverishment and unemployment continue to rise, Nour’s Gaza looks at how women in Gaza are coping and making a difference in a society under siege, especially under the tightening of the blockade led by the US Trump administration.

Mariam Shahin, a writer and documentary filmmaker has been working since 1988. Starting in 1991, she has focused much of her work in Gaza.

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