Don’t Free Me, I will Take Care of That!

July 22, 2022, 16:45
/Si:n/ Festival

Once upon a time, women overcame gender norms, the traditional distribution of roles, beauty standards, and the mental loads imposed on them because what they wanted above all was to create a new world—a world where they could be emancipated on an economic, social and cultural level. They led many fights and lived happily ever after.

Bounded by Routine and Duties, Agnieszka Niklewska
2013 | 01:39 minutes | Poland/United Kingdom

My performance art "Bounded by routine and duties" is about inseparability of woman and her thinking about duties whenever she might be. In the performance a woman is both physically and mentally chained to the dragged objects which symbolise domestic duties in terms of routine.

Through My Daughter’s Eyes, Adama Delphine Fawundu
2021 | 03:22 minutes | Belgium

Being born and raised in a society with no representation of one's self, what does it do?

Iranshahr, Mahdi Kamranirad
2019 | 01:00 minute | Iran

About 40 girls of Iranshahr city whom raped and they fear to tell anyone even their families and some families find out about it and tell to their daughters if they tell to police or legal authorities they will kill their daughters...

Look at You, Black Sheep!, Milica Denkovic
2022 | 01:49 minutes | Serbia

The film is made out of insults the author has gotten through life in the situations of scapegoating. Insults include also mental illness referring and gender-based body shaming. Should raise awareness on this kind of abuse, even including insults that are very discriminatory towards people of different gender identity and mental health issues. The author herself is not part of those minority groups but finds disturbing the usage of those words as an insult.

Cake d’Amour, Kika Nicolela
2017 | 03:00 minutes | Brazil/Belgium

In Cake d’Amour, a woman sings - and embodies - the recipe of a love cake. The song is taken from the French cult film Peau d'Âne, by Jacques Demy.

Olympe Said to Me: I Didn’t Lose My Head, Virginie Foloppe
2018 | 04:40 minutes | France

Olympe de Gouges's blood did not coagulate. It flows in my veins. During his beheading on November 3, 1793, she declared: "The children of my country will avenge me". On January 21, 2017, during the women's march, Angela Davis made a speech of resistance to those "who proclaim the supremacy of the hetero-patriarchal white man", calling for an "inclusive and intersecting feminism" that invites us all to join the resistance, with, among others, our art. With my body, I wanted to make the connection between these two feminists, beyond centuries and borders, while paying tribute to Helena Almeida, Portuguese artist who used paint to cover her face in the mirror, who died on September 25, 2018.

Music for Waxing, Giulia Giannola
2021 | 02:14 minutes | Italy

Femininity, beauty, sweetness, interpreted with a little irony. The dancers perform their beauty ritual by waxing to the rhythm of tango. The tango that accompanies this action is an element of rigorous sensuality that is constantly played down by the tearing of the waxing strips.

The End, Lamathilde
2021 | 01:13 minutes | Canada

Even in a very gentle virtual world, the end of patriarchy seems impossible. A call to fight.

My Mother’s Pain, Juliana Erazo
2020 | 06:07 minutes | Netherlands

Animated documentary about 3 generations of mothers and daughters of a Colombian family, talking about their struggles and overcomings in order to make their children's life better.

Part of the seventh edition of the /si:n/ Festival 2022 exhibited across Palestine, organized by A. M. Qattan Foundation and Instants Video. The programme included video art film screenings, installations, and public performances, created by international, Arab, and Palestinian artists. The works revolve around solidarity, rebellion, equality, race, and borders to provoke a new understanding of the role of individuals and communities in creating a more just, equal, and peaceful world.

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