Directing Actors

Saleh Bakri
September 12, 2019, 15:00 – 17:00

Actor Saleh Bakri guides participants through the fundamental techniques for working with actors. Designed for directors with some filmmaking experience, the seminar looks at how actors are trained and what methods they use in order to inhabit their characters and bring them to life. The session aims to support directors in their understanding of the specific needs actors have in their effort to help the director achieve her/his vision and a vocabulary with which to communicate effectively with their cast. This workshop aims to help participants to develop means of communications that are both concise and effective in order to find a common meeting place for successful artistic collaboration.

Saleh Bakri was born in Jaffa. He has performed regularly in theater. Salt of this Sea was his debut performance in an Arab film. Other films include The Band’s Visit, The Time that Remains, La Source des Femmes, and most recently Wajib which garnered 36 international awards including Best Actor for Saleh Bakri at the Dubai International Film Festival and a nomination at the Asian Pacific Screen Awards.

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