Daughters of Abdulrahman

Zaid Abu Hamdan
Palestine Cinema Days
November 4, 2022, 20:00

Daughters of Abdulrahman, directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan
118 minutes, 2021 (Jordan)
Arabic with English Subtitles

Zainab wakes up to a shocking discovery that could defame her in the neighborhood. She quickly calls for her sisters’ aid. Yet fiery Amaal has her own secret struggle and will not deal with Samah who is too busy with her own issues. Meanwhile Khitam tries to focus on her own mission.

Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Zaid Abu Hamdan holds an MFA from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood California. Zaid started his career working on international TV shows as an Assistant Director and Producer, including E! Entertainment’s coverage of the Golden Globe and Sesame Street. In addition, Zaid worked as a television reporter for Middle East Broadcast Corporation group (MBC Group) in Hollywood. He also worked on directing reality and scripted shows such as Sesame Street, a competition that shows and mentors the Arab Film Studio program at Image Nation, Abu Dhabi. Since 2009, Zaid has written and directed five award winning and audience acclaimed short films, including Bahiya & Mahmoud, which was the official Jordanian submission to the Academy Awards in 2012.

Part of Palestine Cinema Days 2022 organized by Filmlab:Palestine

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