An interview with a puddle (a conver-something) 

Simnikiwe Buhlungu
October 28, 2022, 18:00

How did you leak in here? What time do you sleep? Did you also hear that sound yesterday? How long will you stay here? Who drinks from you?

Simnikiwe opened the evening with a music set, followed by a conversation starting at 7pm where she reflected on questions she has been thinking about lately, some which depart from her stay in Bethlehem. The program was held in English and live broadcasted on radio alhara ( .

Simnikiwe Buhlungu (b. 1995, Johannesburg) is interested in knowledge production[s] — how it is produced, by whom and how it is disseminated — Buhlungu locates socio-historical and everyday phenomena by navigating these questions and their inexhaustible potential answers. Through this, she maps points of cognisance, i.e. how do we come to know?, in four and a half moments – namely; a lost wallet, a Khuaya, honey bees, a library and a puddle (that’s the half) – which situate various layers of awareness as syncopated and reverberated ecologies.

Simnikiwe was an artist in residence at Dar Jacir as part of ‘Intimacy in the apocalyptic phase’, a series of residencies and a public program curated by Aline Khoury, Kasia Wlaszczyk and Reem Shadid, supported by AFAC.

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